Commerce website design plays a vital role in enhancing a business online. With the advent of online shopping, Commerce has become a major economic activity. Commerce websites have taken the lead in the online ecosphere by making buying and selling easy for consumers and merchants respectively. 

Having an eCommerce website has more advantages than a traditional retail. Small and large scale business owners use eCommerce websites to reach more customers and grow their businesses.  

However, an eCommerce website design is much more than just putting your business catalog online. The character of your website, its precision, and functionality matter more than its visual appeal. Your eCommerce websites should have its own unique character, which is designed to lead your customer to perform just one simple task – make a purchase. 

As a web designer or business owner, you need to consider a variety of factors before designing an eCommerce website. In this article, we will try to take a look at some tips to know before designing an eCommerce website for your business: 

#1. Establishing your business goals

Are you a merchant or a manufacturer of products? Who are your target users or consumers? When designing an ecommerce website for your business, you need to be clear about your primary objective so that you can establish the requirement for your ecommerce website design. It is important to analyze the market strategy, your business goals, and your competitors before moving to the development stage. 

You also need to understand your users’ needs; this will help you in designing an eCommerce website that will support them. Designing an eCommerce website that will help your users or prospective customers to achieve their goals serves as an advantage in meeting your online business objectives. Designing an eCommerce website for your business requires considering who is going to be using it, how and where the website will be used. You need to take into account what your prospective users will be good and bad at, considering what might help them with straightforward online shopping.

#2. Usability and user experience

Your online business can only grow when you design eCommerce websites that will support people in their daily lives. Your eCommerce website design should make an online purchase a good experience for your potential customers. 

If you want to get noticed in a highly competitive field of ecommerce, your website must stand out. It must be easy and effective to use. Your users or potential customer must be able to interact with your website. Your website must be designed to be used on any device at any time. You must create user experiences that will enhance and extend the way they navigate through your products, how they add them to the shopping carts and check out, and how they make payments. 

#3. Ecommerce conceptual aspects

Designing an effective eCommerce website for your business requires some conceptual aspects that will bring your online store to the forefront of the internet. 

Your eCommerce website design should provide answers to any question asked by your customers.  Your website should be search engine optimized so that it will be easy for target consumers to find it, even on search engines. Your eCommerce website design should be engaging and must be easy to navigate. 

Your online product catalog needs to be planned in a way that customers can easily locate the required products among the extensive list of the available products. Adequate information about products is very important in urging targeted customers to make a purchase immediately. Therefore, you need to provide detailed information about every available product. Your website should allow an easy online shopping process. 

#4. Strategic eCommerce website design plan

A well-thought-out eCommerce web design should include features like multiple payment platforms, credit and debit card payment processing, email notification before and after payment, and auto respondents. You need to make sure that your website is encrypted for secure credit card transactions processing. Your eCommerce website should provide an option of a shopping cart which will allow your potential customers to collect their desired items while exploring the online catalog. This means that you need to equip your eCommerce website with all necessary tools to ensure steadfast and engaging shopping experience for the customers. 

Only an outstanding customer experience can grow your online business and ensure repeat business. An eCommerce website design and development take care of all these aspects. Designing an eCommerce website for your business helps you reach more customers and expand business globally.

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